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Forum Rules

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Age : 31 Registration date : 2009-02-03 Number of posts : 4 Location : Philippines Nickname : Gem

PostSubject: Forum Rules Sun 8 Feb - 21:25


  • No spamming

  • No text talk (ex. wer na u)

  • No ALL CAPS post (ex. HI EVERYONE)

  • No aLtErNaTeCaPs (ex. nEwBiE laNG Ako)

  • No flaming or name calling

  • Post that may offend other members including but not limited to nudity, profanity, etc. are not allowed
  • Members posting advertisements in the wrong section will be banned indefinitely.

  • Members posting SEB (sex eye ball) posts will be banned indefinitely.

  • Ads should only be posted in the Trade Center Section

1. Behavior and etiquette.

Please refrain from using foul language. Keep in mind that this
website is visited by people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds. Many
of which do not appreciate vulgar language. Members are expected to
treat each other with dignity and respect. Passionate, even heated
debate is welcome but messages which descend to personal insults,
name-calling or similar abuse will be deleted. If you don't agree with
what someone posted, debate their post not the person that posted it.
There is absolutely no excuse to be rude, confrontational, or hostile
when posting here in Rizal Avenue. This is a place where we exchange
ideas and maybe solve a problem or two along the way and not create
them. Flaming and any deregatory comments based on age, gender, race,
ethnicity, religion or nationality can get you banned.

2. Posting.

Rizal Avenue is divided into various categories. When initiating a
thread, always locate the most appropriate category, and post your
question only once in that category. Do not post the same question in
multiple categories. You are expected to review the threads to avoid
repeating a topic. Try searching first as duplicate topics will be
closed. For advertisements use the Rizal Avenue Trade Center. Please don't
flood the boards. Avoid posting off-topic messages as much as possible.

Discussions must be kept on topic to avoid cluttering up the
forum. Warnings shall be issued for constant off topic posts. Threads
or Posts that habitually go “out-of-topic” shall be closed and/or
deleted. Constant posters of off topic posts shall likewise be warned
and if necessary, will eventually get suspended from the site.

3. PM (Private messaging).

This forum allows you to send private messages to individual
members. This allows you to communicate with a member one-on-one. PM
posting follows the same guidelines as above. If you are the recipient
of a PM that breaks our guidelines, please PM an admin ASAP with a copy
of the message. Note that your PM box can only hold a maximum number of
messages. Be sure to periodically clear out your inbox/sent folders to
ensure PMs to you won't bounce.

4. Signature.

Keep the physical size of your signature to a decent size (as with
your posts). Make sure that it does not contain excessively large
images. The signature should follow all the rules applying to posts

links are allowed

5. Registration.

Multiple registrations (new and old members) are not acceptable.

Rules are subject to change without notice. If you have any problems, please post it at Rizal Avenue Help Desk and we will be more than willing to help you out or you could send the admins and moderators a personal message (PM).
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Taong Bayan ng Rizal Avenue
Taong Bayan ng Rizal Avenue

Age : 28 Registration date : 2009-02-05 Number of posts : 14 Location : Manila Nickname : she

PostSubject: javascript:emoticonp(':P')Rules Sun 8 Feb - 23:55

Simple rules lang yan! magbasa bago tumambay!
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Forum Rules

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